Our vision

We build bridges between customers and online shops.

Our story

Hello! 👋 We are Sebastian & Robert and founded Shopstory in 2020, at that time still under the name boomerank. In March 2021 Roman joined us as co-founder. Our goal was to help small and medium sized companies in ecommerce to build a profitable business model and thus have a better chance in a highly competitive market. Historically, ecommerce favors those with big budgets and huge workforces - we wanted to change that!

Over the past year, we've helped more than 150 online shops achieve their goals. Their successes are what motivate us every day and show us that we are on the right track. In reality, it feels to us like we've just begun our journey. In fact, the further we get, the more we realize how much is possible for those who dream big and take innovative steps.

With that in mind, we look forward to the future and will continue to strive to develop the best solution for our customers.

Three founders of Shopstory

online shops love Shopstory

Our customers love our software and there are good reasons for that: We increase sales, reduce costs and save time.

online shops control their ads via the Shopstory software
ROAS increase on average across all online shops
Time spent per week on average - Shopstory saves money and time

We are Google Premier Partner 2023

Google Premier Partner 2023 Badge

Advertisers who meet the requirements to partner with Google and also exceed additional spend and performance standards can earn the Premier Google Partner badge.

Shopstory has been recognized by Google as a Premier Partner 2023, ranking in the top 3% of partners. Premier Partner status distinguishes us as Google Ads experts.

The Shopstory Leadership Team

Image of Sebastian Schwelle, CEO at Shopstory

Sebastian Schwelle

Image of Robert Böhm, CTO at Shopstory

Robert Böhm

Image of Roman Schweiger, CCO at Shopstory

Roman Schweiger

Image of Tobias Schliesselberger, Chief of Staff at Shopstory

Tobias Schliesselberger

Chief of Staff
Image of Christian Wawer, Marketing Lead at Shopstory

Christian Wawer

Marketing Lead
Lukas photo

Lukas Hochmeister

Head of Finance & Operations
Image of Hannes Formanek, Head of Customer Success at Shopstory

Hannes Formanek

Head of Customer Success

The entire team

Daniel Peier

Senior Project Manager

Lance Janssen

Engineering Manager

James Langer

Senior Strategic Project Manager
Salvo Morhayim Portrait

Salvo Morhayim

Operations Manager

Gabriel Baumgarten

Senior Account Executive

Stefan Palkovits

Account Executive

Maximilian Mayrhofer

Full-Stack Developer

Jushan Saitia

Customer Success Manager
Aleks Rikic Photo

Aleks Rikic

Senior Product Designer

Tamara Rott

Full-Stack Developer

Filip Groß

Account Executive

Fabian Koder

Full-Stack Developer

Anna Kovacs

Junior Product Owner

Christoph Resch

Customer Success Manager
Maxim Reitter photo

Maxim Reitter

Entrepreneur in Residence (Sales)

Our values at Shopstory

Transparency Icon


Transparency is a top priority at Shopstory - whether in communication with customers, the data & results in the Shopstory app or amongst our team.

Education icon

Advanced training

By providing learning content, we empower ecommerceers to engage with eCommerce in a sustainable and fun way.

Door/accesibility icon


Rather than throwing around technical terms, we communicate in an easy-to-understand way so that even non-marketers can access the world of online marketing.

Partnership icon


Whether internally or externally, at Shopstory you are not just a number. We focus on personal connections and put people in the spotlight.

Become a part of Shopstory

We are always looking for talented and unique individuals who want to grow with Shopstory.
Check out our open positions and apply today.

Our partners

We rely on a large and diverse set of partners with different focus areas including eCommerce, Communication & PR and Design & Branding.

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